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Hyperion's time has come (For real this time)


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Well it couldn't of come soon enough but here I am writing this post for a 2nd time haha well all I'm going to say is I am finally resigning due to crap happening to me IRL and will I return maybe when Santos comes out (again) or should I say Brooklyn Nine Nine RP but only time will tell. I know I dropped off the social ladder ever since Clone Wars due to my many mistakes ruining friend ships and generally turning people off me but I hope I can make a mense next time around. Peace out Imperial Gaming...

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Was good fun while it lasted in Navy Hyperion. No doubt you've had some mistakes in the past but hey, if we don't make a few mistakes every now and then we aren't human. 
Wish you good luck with what's happening in your life, keen to see your face again <3

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