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7th Fleet Initiative Applications


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Applications for the 7th Fleet Initiative

Hey Everyone


This is the application for the 7th Fleet Initiative, which is a huge RP opportunity for members of the community being run by part of the Event Master Team. We all have our role on the Chimaera and the only way to experience another role is as an Event Character, which most of the time is only temporary and whatever character you create doesn't return. The 7th Fleet Initiative gives you all an opportunity to experience another role in the Empire without losing your character after a single event.

As a member of the Initiative you will crew a ship entirely separate to the Chimaera, of which there are currently three, the Raider Class II Corvus, ISD I Griffin and Imperial Escort Carrier Leviathan. There are plenty of roles available on each of these ships all the way from Scout Troopers, to ISB Stormtroopers and members of ISC. On these ships you will conduct RP specific to your role and be involved in events that relate to the ship you are on, rather than the Chimaera.

Myself and all the overseers of these ships look forward to seeing your applications and getting to see your new RP characters.


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9 minutes ago, GeorgeBloon said:

As much as I'd like that the characters can't interact I don't think. ;)))))

I don't believe they can. They'd have to be interacting like how an ST Private would interact with a Navy Captain... they wouldn't.


I tried making my 2nd Character, my brother... alas it wasn't to be.

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(warning, very much tooting my own horn here, please be advised)

If I get into this, I'd be making Imperial Gaming history. I would be the first non-staff player to concurrently play not one, not two, but three characters: Moff Abran Balfour, Moff Quarsh Panaka, and hopefully this new character.

(horns have been tooted, read on)

Excited to see where this Initiative leads, this is definitely the spice events have needed in a while: reliable, realistic, and recurring event characters that we don't instantly feel like shooting when we see them on the ship or comms. Maybe make a separate regiment that we can see in the Tab Menu highlighting this fact, as I'm scared we'd all collectively fall into the trap of identifying event characters as suspicious, even if they are legitimate members of the Empire who won't betray us when we turn our backs. If we see a, say, 7th Initiative regiment in the Tab Menu which is purely for event characters in this group, I think that could calm people's nerves.

This is similar to how the Imperial Press Corps regiment worked: people are placed into a separate regiment and play as separate, recurring characters who are known by everyone to be legitimate members of the Empire and thus won't treat them with suspicion. The Imperial Press Corps aren't simple event characters, they are the Imperial Press Corps, an established regiment. The same could/should occur with the 7th Initiative. 

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WOAH, could this be my chance to actually have a proper chance at passive RP which doesnt involve arresting someone (usually ends in me getting shot or me tazing the person ngl) and not be a one off thing as an event character never to return.

I cant wait to see who gets in each ships crew and see what kind of cool characters that will be created from this.

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4 hours ago, Kristofer said:

The Corvus Crew has plot armour until the First Order.

Join the Corvus Crew.

dammit kris its not like you dont have enough applicants already


also imma have to start handing out cookies or something to those who apply for the leviathan


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