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Well I think it's about time we had one of these...
Post your memes and enjoy all the others!

Rules below 

1. No Player Diss - If a player finds a "Joke" Disrespectful it will immediately be removed.
2. No Reg Diss - Yet again if a regiment finds a joke disrespectful it will be immediately removed.
More rules to come as I think of them. 

A few to get it started:




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11 hours ago, Luigi said:

*Coughs in Joy* Mmm, Sorry I had something in my throat..

nah.PNG.c51ee3282511a4181f9ac5d2f84148ef.PNG            xdgcb.PNG.f3acda869cde00ea860f53669c2fa6c2.PNG

Oh, Sorry. I just found these in my "Memories Folder" @Rickle @Marlu


HAHAHAHA **BAD WORD**. I remember when he joined my channel and was like "Bailey, did you know they took clone wars off of netflix?!"

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