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Didn't think I'd be doing this anytime soon, but here I am.

Unfortunately, due to IRL circumstances, I'm going to have to say goodbye to IG.

Up until recently I was Colonel, and Commanding Officer of Stormtrooper Command, and, by extension, Stormtroopers.

I don't enjoy doing this. IG's become an amazing place for me. I've had so much fun, and made some good friends.

So, I'd like to thank some of the people who've made it so great for me:

Zisera, @Bruno, @Nicholxs, @Bryce: My original friends in 996th. So many long hours spent guarding, and messing around in Discord.

@Chopz: My first CO, in 996th. Thank you for my earliest days on the server.

@WalrusBorn: Absolute minge, and OG 996th. Thanks for always making guarding an interesting pastime, with your ST mingery.

Rythok, Ulysses, @NatiionZ, @Brass, Vanders, Rusty, @Cure, Dom and all Widow members I served with: Thank you for accepting me, and my odd habit of staying a pure ST, you guys were always fun.

@Eclipse, @Splonter, @Novus_Kingsley, @Luigi and all previous ST Command members: Thank you for coming along for the ride with my idea, and supporting me.

Thank you to all the IHC members I have served under, particularly Gatsby.

Thank you to all Staff, and EM's, for running the server so well, and making it so fun.

Thank you to every single CO I had the pleasure of serving with.

@Hammer: My amazing CO for most of my time in 996th, you have always been a great friend to me.

@Corvo: Longtime Widow 2IC, briefly ST CO, and now SC Brigadier. Thank you. I hope you do well.

@Bibleman: Now while this may seem strange, I need to thank Bibleman. Than you, for all your mingeing, and making my life interesting.

@Department: Long-running ST CO, and my long-running 2IC. Thank you for always supporting me, and being a good friend, also for the excellent roleplay you gave in SCP:SL.

@Jonathan: Thanks, having you in STC was always fun.

@Starkey: Long-running 2IC of Widow. Thank you for putting up with me and Devo's eccentricities, and weirdness.

Thank you to Veteran. A great man, and an excellent player of SCP:SL.

@Tonberry: One of my oldest friends. He and I went through ST as Privates together. Thank you, buddy.

@Death: The most radical member of STC. Thank you for all your ideas, and progress, and for your friendship.

@Grif: Widow CO, EM, IHC, and a good friend. Thank you for everything you did.

@Lee, @SOUL: You two, are amazing. Thank you for all your support and friendship.

@Devo: You minge. Thank you, you were an amazing friend, and we had so much fun, both in IG, and in other games.

@Wizard1: I have no words. Thank you. You've been there from the start, and supported STC all the way. Don't worry, you'll get CL3 eventually. I hope you go far.

Damn, I'm tearing up here.

Thank you to all of you. And to anyone I might have missed.

I may be back someday, who knows?

I will be on the server this coming Saturday, 31st of August, for a final farewell. I'll probably be on in the evening/night.

Anyway, this is



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Best of luck Dave. Thanks for all the help you gave me during my earlier days on the server. You were always of great help and support (and kept Devo in line:P) hope what ever it is that you find yourself doing that you have a great time.

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I never had the opportunity to properly thank you, for everything you have done for me. I can safely say that if i began this server with a different CO, i would not be where i am today. I am eternally grateful for all the opportunities you gave me. In my close to 6 years of SWRP, I have never had a CO as great as you. Sure, you weren't on a terrible amount, but when you were... boy you made me so excited to be there.

You'll always have a home here with us, and I'll always have your back. Should you ever need help, you know where to find me. I will continue to do my best with the ST Corps to make you proud. Your legacy will live on into the ages.

Your loyal soldier,


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Me and you were the dream team. Confusing people with our names being so similar. Being the team of the Mingy one and the not so Mingy One. Having great times together (When Can We Finish That Hoi 4 Game? :) ). But all good times must end, and so does this one. You were an amazing friend Dave, and Now the discord going to fill empty without you popping in every two weeks ;). But all Jokes aside without your leadership ST Command most likely wouldn't of flourished which is a great achievement and legacy being the person who setup the leadership of the hardest regiment to lead.

Dave for all the services you have done to ST's, for the Friendship you gave me, all for being the Epic Lad I thank you.
If you ever need help from me I will have your back and I would say all of Widow  and ST Command would as well.

Thank You
From Special Minge Forces Leader Devo

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