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Death Trooper Support Role

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This is nothing major due to me not speaking out about this for a long while now.

The Support Role in Death Troopers loses it's SE-14C Blaster Pistol, if anyone with the ability of adding it into the load out of the support role that would be greatly appreciated.

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2 minutes ago, Crackers said:

Does DT originally have the SE-14C or just the DT Support?


Just now, servorus7 said:


The normal Death Trooper (Private-Brigadier) has the SE-14C.

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28 minutes ago, Ragetank said:

You know I never thought I'd hear anyone ask for a se14-c in my lifetime...

Boy that is the most powerful weapon in SK/RTs loadout outside of store brought weapons

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On 8/28/2019 at 2:37 PM, Wombatiacus said:

Equip all DT with a toy storm trooper as well. ;) 




7C0561D39BE9516745BD3C1AE9E4C4DDA0EFCC0C (1920Ã1080)




All of my DT PACs have dolls.

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