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Ciao Boys and Girls


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It's been a fun ride over the year and a bit that I've been a part of this community but it's time for me to say adieu, and resign from moderator and probably the community. IG has been quite fun for me, from Imperial to Clonewars to Santos and back to Imperial, I've made a lot of great memories here and made a lot of friends.

Honorable mentions:

Obviously the CloneWars bois: @Bailey @Happy @Delta @Marlu @Luigi @Vadrian @Mongo @SiegeMonkey @John @Rickle @Jeb @Aphrodite @Peter Had a lot of fun on Clonewars with you boys, was a blast, thank you for making my time on clonewars such a fun time and sticking around on it.

Some other bois:

@Zote @Rook @Helsing Had a great time in Marauders with you guys, had heaps of fun burning a sith lord around a map fire.

@Wingza @Cecil The good old Shadow Trooper bois, had fun hanging around with you two and sneaking onto the [REDACTED].

@Parcy @Jesis Known you two since around the server started, Jesis with showing me how to minge, Parcy being a Terrible Great Eventmaster.

Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone, if I mentioned everyone this would probably take hours to write.

Thank you for the great times Imperial Gaming, It's been a fun ride.

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Man Shepard, Sad to see you go, I wish you luck in whatever you're pursuing thanks  for all  the good times on CW, and for busting my little jeep on Santos.

Never forget the Wild Jedi Temple Bantha mishap. Starring Happy Gilmore, Steve  Shepard and Newton Feniki

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Dark Days are definitely among us. It genuinely seems not that long ago since I had first started playing, whether it was my time on the Imperial or CW Server you were always there Shepard. I remember our very brief interactions, the first words we ever spoke to each other. "Shut up Green Mario". I'll never forget those words. And don't you dare forget them either!

I wish you all the best my friend, where ever you end up, what ever path you take, the Force will be with you, Always.

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This has been quite a sad week.

Shepard, you and WIngza were my first true friends in this community and I just want to thank you for that. You two both had a long history together but you welcomed me into that and I really appreciated that. Shadow troopers was a whirlwind couple of months but it felt like I was always comfortable with the people around me and that it was just 3 old friends chatting.


So thank you Shepard.
Really going to miss you man, make sure you hop in teamspeak from time to time, even if you are incredibly drunk.

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What do I say

I guess it's thank you

You were really my first friend on the cw staff team, you are so friendly, kind and respectful. I wish I could've spent more time with you. It's a shame too se you go. But all good things must come to an end. I'll treasure those few good days we had in cw when you fought with Delta squad before carnifex said "no" I'll always hold the good times in my heart. You're the most interesting person I've met on this server. 

Well shep, my, cw brother, 

Good bye and so long 

- Delta <3

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Unironically cried when I saw this post and its taken me quite literally an hour to open it an accept the fact that you're leaving the community. Whether thats due to the fact that my new medication has me all kinds of f**ked up or the fact that you're actually leaving, I'd like to believe its the latter.

I will miss you my friend and hopefully I see you still, you can always come back, I hope you remember that.


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