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“Don’t come to the Mess Hall Tomorrow” Project

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I’ve been working on this for a while and am currently in the last stages of putting everything together to join the 501st Legion currently ordered everything expect the Storm trooper armor at this point with everything else coming in this week or next. AMA about it and will be updating it on new items.

Requirements for the armor to pass

| = received |  = not ordered | = ordered |

Price list :

E-11 - $250

Helmet Fans - $40

Boots and Neck Seal - $250

Holster  - $64.50

Armor Kit  - $1539.59

Gloves - $4

Under suit - $40

Mic System and AMP - $60

Canvas Belt - $30+

Paint, Rivets and E6000 glue - $72

Strapping System  - $87.35 or $62.52

Clamps and Magnets  - $28.10

Estimated Total $2465.58+ AUD

Picture of items I’ve picked up so far:





Neck Seal:


Under suit and microphone:


Paint, glue and rivets:


Helmet Fans:


Amp for mic system:






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20 minutes ago, Mongo said:

ah yes now to recreate the rest of the outfit it'll cost you 140 usd for a high quality Stormtrooper  outfit

Nope I know your sarcastic but look at price list 👍

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1 hour ago, Wombatiacus said:

I rate 10/10 I would wear that :) 

I’m hoping to order the armour soon after I receive the money for it, then I have to build put the pieces together which I think is going to be the fun part as well as the most anxiety inducing part. The helmet is going to give me nightmares with painting and decals 

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59 minutes ago, Lochie said:

I remember the day that you told me you were considering this on CW and I told you that you were crazy haha. Good to see that you're going through with it.

Yea I remember but no joke waiting for the money and buying the armor then making it so excited I'm finally going to do it

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2 hours ago, Proto_Carl said:

I’d just get a stormtrooper amour kit just to walk around in going to the movies or whatever.

You think I’m not going to do that. Planning to pick up Jedi fallen order in my armour

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The time has come execute the building plans

My kit has arrived pictures will be going up after the 20th after I move back home. Will be trying to finish the build before the end of November or 15th if I can.

Updates will be random and but a storm trooper I will be 

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