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So I pre-ordered this game and was extremely hyped for it like everyone else. It turned out to be absolutely not what all the hype had described it to be. Angry customers and lawsuits ensued. Here's some of my screenshots from launch.

But after many updates I decided to clean the dust off and give it another go. What I saw was absolutely amazing


Discovered massive things

Discovered some not so massive things


Discovered some        things


Raced some small things


Setup my first base among the stars.


Discovered some weird things

Overall this game has impressed me so much the developers behind it more so. I couldn't recommend this game enough right now. Hope ya'll enjoyed my slideshow let me know if you would like to see more of my adventures.

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Got the game with the pre-order as well, got it with a bunch of friends because we thought we could play together, sadly we couldn't. I'm glad they kept going with the game and have added some great free expansions.

If anyone wants to play some hmu

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ill pop some of my screenshots in this thread when I'm home later tonight but holy f**k this game got good after the pathfinder update 

edit: I can drop photos from my phone but I'll mass dump some in a spoiler for later. 


Flying the Final Aegis YK9 over a watery ice planet. 

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Just now, Ragetank said:

@[IG] Tackxo Look forward to seeing them!

Yo why dont we start an imperial gaming base?

I'm down for it, I've been grinding nms for a few days now and it'd be good to find a cool planet to live on. I'll poke you on ts tonight if I'm back home by then :)

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7 hours ago, Bailey said:

I'm gonna have to build "The big penis" once again and build a giant penis amongst the stars to flex on nerds.



The game Looks good

I Just Dont have the Dosh 

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17 hours ago, [IG] Tackxo said:

holy f**k I just noticed, you got a water planet, green grass, blue sky. 

You don't mind if I move in? :p

Except it's an extreme sentinel planet :p

12 hours ago, [IG] Tackxo said:

f**k yeah these look great

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