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Goodbye Ladies and Gentlemen.

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Some of you may know me, some new players may not. Over the last month I have lost a lot of interest in Gmod therefore I will be resigning from Admin and probably leaving the community. IG has been a wonderful experience for me and I have had a lot of great memories and made a lot of new friends. I may join the Teamspeak once every couple of weeks just to catch up with some of the boys.


Some Special Mentions:

The Clone Wars Boys, there from the start of the server to the end. Had most of my favourite memories just on that server. @Happy @Marlu @Luigi @SiegeMonkey @Vadrian @Shepard @Bailey @wflizzi @Mongo

Some Great Blokes, @John @ANiX @Zote @Splonter @Auzii @Dirthi @Wingza @Cecil @Tinky @Parcy @PULSE @Jesis @Basil

(Sorry if i Forgot any names, just wanted to keep this short and sweet)


Goodbye Ladies and Gentlemen. - Rickle.

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Rickle you are a great friend and great person to hang out with, I hope we’ll still hang out sometimes along with Fizzy like the good ol’ days and I wish you luck in whatever and where ever you may go, We’ll miss you on hope you visit every now and again! :(

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You were always an absolute legend to be around, from my early days on CW you were always there to guide and assist me. Looking back, I only wish we could relive those moments and memories we've created. I'll always consider you one of my mates. It's been an honour to get to know you Rickle.

Goodbye Rickle, May the Force be with you.

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Are you seriously going to make me cry myself to sleep, ON MY BIRTHDAY!

Application DENIED(please reapply in 2 weeks)

 Seriously though, I'm going to really miss you, now there will be no one to laugh at my sh*tty jokes, no one to encourage me to be a dickhead, no one to get really pissed off at me and no one to drag me into random TS channels. I hope your future is bright, exiting and I do hope that we will continue to play video games together. You have been my Master, Commander, Gang leader and bitch all within 6 months. It seems every time I have enjoyed myself the most on IG, you have been there, Thank you. So along brother, we will surely meet again in the near future.

The last one


God Bless


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Damn dude are you kidding? Absolutely sauced reading this has got me acting up. One of my favorite CO's on Imperial, was so much fun with the fellow mud brothers we had, was you that made the regiment fun for the time we had in it, and I'm sure you carried that with you through to other regiments and servers. This community aint gonna forget you so easy so make sure you come back every now and then and check up on us. One of the nicest fellas on the server, left someone some big shoes to fill. Good luck with everything Rickle, hit me up to play some CS sometime yeah? <3 

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