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Hey getting rid of some old humble bundle keys:


can't remember what this one is https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=c3fwKC4ahnkMbFDm

Walking dead 500 days EN3FD-Q6Y5F-N8G9H

Zombie Army Trilogy I3V8B-RPX4H-4FTXH

Seven the days long gone K4HCI-TQPZV-VFKVI

Puurfect date dating simulator IHCQK-H2EQ3-2PFZY


Megaman Legacy Edition M8M4H-QGYF5-TR9X0

Immortal Redneck K6JMX-IJJTZ-YAW03

Wizard of Legend LW854-M6ZTW-93GDE

Sundered KA5TY-JWWJ4-4MN7M

Project Cars 2 L74TB-L6ZDP-PMVKB

>observer_ K0W4N-CGRN0-QK8Z2

Yoku's Island Express BEG8I-8T0WT-G9HC6

Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon DK7K6-QRWZL-9TXDG

Kingdom Come: Deliverance EEMJZ-ZNPT5-T5XEY

The Adventure Pals BAW5W-MEZ3V-WMX4B

Slay the Spire 69650-RFCT3-TTL06

I do not have anything to do with already redeemed codes, hopefully you get a game you like :) once you use a code please post that you took it for everyone else to not have the sadness of it not working (unless you took puurfect date you can subtly say nothing about that)

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21 minutes ago, Ana said:

unless you took puurfect date you can subtly say nothing about that

what's that game about


Edit: I just searched it up, Ana wtf

Image result for purrfect date

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4 minutes ago, Welly said:

Think someone grabbed all of them already, but like Bailey said you're awesome for doing this for the community, hopefully a day will come where we give back.


8 minutes ago, Bailey said:

You're a hero Ana, I tried for Kingdom Come and Slay the Spire but they were already gone, you're a God for giving this to the community tho.

Ah, I don't want them going to waste, I'm sure I'll have a few more next month


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I mean as long as the said person actually PLAYs these games fully or atleast puts in a few hours into each one, atleast it isn't wasted. If they don't and just hogged the games for the sake of having more games, frankly that's pretty sad. @Kristofer

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