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Introducing Dance Troopers Part 1


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Good evening,

Last night was a rowdy night for Chimaera Squad. We had a couple of brewskis, sat back and guarded the BSD, same as any other night. Then Julius decided to add some music. 

The following documentary encapsulates the events of Monday the 12th of August 2019, the day that will remembered as the day Dance Troopers was created as a regiment ;) 

Cautionary warning, there is some swearing in the video as well as some crude humour (I think) I do apologise if anyone is annoyed by anything we say but it was said lightheartedly in a joking matter, if you do have any issues please message me so we can sort it out :) 

Without further ado, here it is


Thank you to the entire crew for making it such an enjoyable night

@Julius @Cecil @Wombatiacus @Horus1 - Great dancers and singers (props to Cecil for the solo)

@Gregis @JDark47 - Thanks for enjoying the atmosphere and helping create it even while not playing Gmod

Go to the youtube channel to see the content and skip to specific songs 

Link to the video 

Hope everyone who was watching us on the BSD dance to no music found it somewhat enjoyable.

-George B


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I was doing inspections when you guys were doing this and had the pleasure of walking into the BSD with Chimera squad surrounding the Grand Admiral singing about Creepers. xD

PS: You can see me walking in and immediately walking out at 20:36 

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