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The Inquisitors' New Cruiser "The Shyrack"


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The Sith Inquisitors recently were thinking about adding some RP to our departures and arrivals aboard the ship, and so, we've decided that we wanted our own ship, after discussing it with Management, we were told we were allowed to have one, and so, the details on the ship are in the document below, for anyone who plays Arma you'll already know what Shyrack is, but a "Shyrack" is an insect like creature found on Korriban (sith planet btw) that could easily kill and dismember people on its own, and when in a horde could pose a threat to entire colonies of people, when bitten by a Shyrack you also experienced dark side dreams and delirium which could drive a person mad if not strong in the dark side of the force. So that's why we chose the name, and also a little easter egg for those who play Arma with us.

The Inquisitor High Command, @John @Zote & @Wingza have command of where the Shyrack goes and what it does, they do not share as much technical knowledge about the craft as some of the other Inquisitors or the famed "Shyrack Aviation Division" of the Purge Troopers, but are relatively knowledgeable.

The Crew of the Shyrack is known as "Shyrack Aviation" and is made up of Purge Troopers and select Inquisitors that have taken an interest in piloting and manning the cruiser, these people are myself, @Happy, @Risk & @Swift for now, fully versed in the capabilities of the Shyrack, we are open to teaching others in Sith and in Purge Troopers how to pilot it when necessary.

The Shyrack

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19 minutes ago, Echo said:

why do i feel like everyone just wants their own ships now

Yeah I want the sandmoble 

Or the engineering enterprise 

Or the redacted rocket 

Maybe deltas dope dome shaped ship

Or grifs ship 

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13 minutes ago, Ragnar said:


- You could even put "REDACTED" if you want.

If I tell you, I'll have to kill you.

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