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Help our farmers


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Just to support the farmers out there!

As all of you should know, Australia is under the effects of one of the most severe droughts since Australia’s last big drought in 1982-83. Farmers are under extreme stress while they fight to keep their livestock fed and alive until the drought breaks. Many farms have destocked completely and are using what little savings they have left to survive on. 

You may think, well who cares, this is there battle. This is wrong because without farmers the clothes on your back, the food you eat and many of the cleansing products wouldn’t exist.

So if you have any spare change please consider donating it to one of the many drought assistance foundation such as buy a bale and help farmers like me feed our stock and keep food on the table for you and for others around the world.


Buy a bale: https://www.buyabale.com.au/
Rural Aid: https://www.ruralaid.org.au/


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I would donate but I don’t have paypal.


but this is a good topic to bring up couse without farmers the price for food, furniture and insulation for houses would increase due to the lack of production and he increase in demand so to prevent that, just donating some money can help you save a lot more money in the future. 

(On my phone so ignore my grammar)

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