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My Return


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Crunchy’s Return


Gday, lads alot of you might not know me or even heard of me, but to the people that do i would like to say I really fricken missed you.


In 2017 back when I was an annoying 12 year old I was disliked across the community for always being a curious high pitched child, now that i look back on myself i now understand how immature and how little patience i had. I always used to think that i was one of the best and whenever i lost to someone i always made up an excuse for example: “na my muscles havent warmed up its cold and early in the morning” when obviously it wasnt and it was midday summer, i used to pretend i knew all the rules and think i was better then them, when what i really shouldve done was accept my defeat and learn from my mistakes.



Why I left the server



When I was 14 years old my life started going down hill rapidly i started getting Not Achieves and failing a majority of my tests, and instead of doing my homework i joined imperial gaming and lied to my parents saying i did my homework and making up some bullsh*t excuse, eventually it got to the point where i mainly spent my weekends on imperial gaming without going outside and i started studying for imperial gaming tests more then i did for my in real life tests that could or could not determine my future so eventually i left.

Another reason why i left the server was because i wasnt getting any more mature i kept on causing trouble and getting arrested for the dumb things i did. I also applied for PAC3 7 or 9 times and i did not get it and back then i had a little sulk when clearly i did not deserve it.

So i did the right decision and left knowing that sometime in the future i will join back onto imperial gaming and balance out my time with real life and video games and studying.

I still cause trouble here and there and sometimes my swearing can get out of hand which i need to fix i still like to have fun without causing harm or annoying other members.



When will i officially join back?



I will try to join back around the 30th August - 12 September after my exams and then i will be having a break on October 15th so i can study for my exams in November and December then i will join back during December.



My Introduction



Hello, im Crunchy and i used to play on this server alot im now 15 still with a high pitched voice if some of you knew me in 2017 and 2018

I cant wait to see everyone new or old on the server and make some new friends and meet back up with my old friends. Whenever you see me online feel free to say Hi or wave.



To the GrammarNazis


I started placing random commas everywhere in the first paragraphs then I gave up.


@Gregis id just like to say sorry for all my stupid antics I used to do to annoy you hopefully we can just set that aside and start off something new.


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forgot something important
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