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Hi, It's me.... Uh Mike
So.... Let's begin my TED Talk; I love everyone on Imperial Gaming. However, like every good story it must end at some part so today... I'll be resigning from Imperial Gaming on this day.

Rest assure I'll be back.... no, no I'll be back; However, some might not know who I am if any.

@Kristofer I love you.... I remember you from back in the old Pantheon days and this makes the second time I abandoned you;Well peace!

@TomCos Best mate; Love you, Number 1 Bloke

@Wind Best Commandind officer!; One of the reasons why I even stayed in IG

@Billybob1061 One of my favourite VF members even after you left I still laugh at the times we were in VF

These are the particular few that stuck with me the most; but rest assure I still love all of you.... Sayo-Nara
*sigh* Time to get back to the thousand of assignments sitting next to me

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Toxic for not putting me in this, nonetheless, you've been with us for a very long time and went through Clone Wars and were the only EM apart from myself who went over and came back, thank you for all the effort you've put in, I won't forget you big man.

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Thank you for being you Mikey, remember you from ISB and was jelly of you cuz you was like OP and I was supposed to be the bigger boi since higher rank.

Anyways, good luck my guy!

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Can't say I didn't see this coming, but any decision you make is fine with me. Know you since my early days within the Community, contests between each other to see who reaches CL3 first by training more recruits. Cheeky bugger beat me to it.

Laters Mike and Good Luck!

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@Mongo Love ya bro

@Bailey You too :) Love you Bailey 


@Luigi May the contest resume in the near future

@Dirthi Yeah let’s hope I don’t die XD : Sayo Nara Dirthi ; 😀

@Camaro I’ll miss ya too! 

@Welly Thanks man; all to you as well

@Tonberry And I thank you and the Bureau for the amount of fun I had on the sever

@Rivers o7

@Kristofer I’ll be back!!! The return of Jesus Christ 

@Delta Thanks man! Good luck to you as well


@Wombatiacus Thanks! You keep safe as well 

@Kamelieon Thanks man

@Sterling You too man 

@Vanilla <3

Welp, Time to hop off the forums before I start missing y’all even more!



Now what treason should I commit now >:)

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