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Server downtime and forums change

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I will be doing some changes on tuesday morning (in 7 hours of this post) therefor the server will be locked and restarted to change certain things on the server. sorry for the inconvenience. During this time no one is able to join the server and this includes staff until I am finished which is max 1 hour from 3am aest. 

The forums look change may be coming out tonight for 1 hour to see if people like the look, it will be incomplete such as Logo (for the top for the top of the page does not fit with the template just yet) and banners and the colouring of the format as well. during this time a post will be made so you are able to suggest changes for the colours as default at the moment is black and red. The template will not be complete so do not worry about suggesting changes for the template itself just the colours at this time. To suggest a change just simply reply to the post, this includes staff as well, the reason for this is that with a reply it is there for me to constantly look at while editing so I do not forget. So any changes spoken to me directly regarding the colours may not be replied or remembered therefore only suggest it in the comment section so I am able to remember it 100% and action out that suggestion. Now this is not for this post, another post will be made just for suggestions when i turn on the template so please do not comment suggestions on this post as they will not be looked at.




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Sounds good.


I don't think people mind how Forums currently looks, but if a new look is preferred to this one I am sure it will make a good addition to the forums and make it feel more refreshing.

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