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Project Palpatine

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Hey Guys, I have embarked on a project to create a new Emperor model, no idea how long it will take me but I have decided to invest into it

currently I have postponed the project due to time constraints but have decided to purchase a 3d palpatine face from sketchlab and import it into blender for this new model


heres a small sneak peak of whats happening and the model Head I have purchased


The Model I have purchased from sketchlab for the model vv



Hopefully it wont be too long to finish the project

And hopefully the money spent on the 3d head was worth it


Currently using the current model as a crutch to make the new robes and fit the head into and then after that will be the boning and texturing 




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Look I said I'd only do it if I got paid, but if you need any help texturing it lmk, or if you need any help at all lmk, I can give tips and workarounds for actually getting it into GMod.

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7 minutes ago, Matrix said:

Looks good mongo, tbh I’m surprised nobody’s ported the one from bf2 yet. You could even use some of that model or get ideas from it.

Tried finding the model from bf2 and couldnt

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13 minutes ago, Vanilla said:

Looks like it's going to be good and @Mongo I could extract the model from the game

That would be lovely I might intergate it for the robes rather than retexturing the old ones.


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I'm looking to see if I can extract the robes and body of Palpatine out of Battlefront II into workable files (they're separate in the game files). It seems easy enough, even for a complete amateur like me.

Watch me swallow my words

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