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1 year on the Server

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So... its that time of the year,

For when the the Imperial Gaming servers were forever changed.

On the 23/7/19 I joined Imperial Rp, I was trained by Sargoth.

And from that day on, I have plagued the server with my stupidity, my inactivity and my all around stupidity ;D


So I wanted to thank each and every one that I have met on this journey to 1 year on the server, as well my getting of 1000 hours in the game (not a lot to some but to me like wtf).

From @Corvo @Regret and @Alex in Widow Squad, guarding old IHC and commanding the mingy st's, (as well as me)


to Gov with @Jeb @Brass@Aphrodite and a sprinkling of @Rivers with all of us doing dumb sh*t and cl tests. Dumb sh*t:


Don't judge me on how horrible the videos are, I didn't edit at all just found them and the bottom of my videos folder and put it in.


and then later on with @Butcher232 and @SCHEFF also doing dumb sh*t from order by me ;D


Then to Purge Troopers, with @Thirty getting me tryouts, to @Swift being a dingus and actually letting me in, to @Braino for somehow surviving with me, and to Jag, Chungie and Tango, all of which are idiots but enjoyable idiots. And that is where I currently am, 113 days into major I mean PT.

So Thank you all (above and non-mentioned) to those who have helped me grow into the person I am today. I will be on today and tomorrow, but after that term 3 of school starts (which is final term of yr 11) so i may not be as active as possible (sorry swift ;))


Anyways, thank you all for somehow dealing with me, and heres to another great year of IG.


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I've been here for just over a year too and its the best GMod Server and Community I've ever been apart of, not much else I can say. Here's to more good times.

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