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Lego's place in childhoods

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Surely everyone here or most of us loved lego as a child. I've been getting back into it myself, and by god do I spend too much money on it, but I guess I wanted to ask if anyone has anything they absolutely loved as a child or are proud of today?


These 2 are still favourites, being the speeder from episode II (I lost anakins head though), and a Chrome Stormtrooper that is probably the only thing I own that has actually increased in value since I bought it. Came free if you spent $75 on lego (Bought some big 10th anniversary set, no chrome vader though :( ) worth like 20 in poor condition, I have a seccond in bag which is around $50.



I also have a Luminara that has a light up saber although I'm bad at taking photos so You can't even see it, I also took of the hair piece because the button is the head and it swivels horribly so the hair causes more problems than its worse. Also anyone who has heard me complain about the mouse I'm using at the moment now knows why, and enjoy the hand reveal form your local pasty white dude, not that it means much with my profile picture being a blurry photo of my face next to a beer, but this is nice and clear, and greasy.


If you guys have anything of interest like this, let me know. I still love lego and I always have so hearing about things, rare or not, always interests me.


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I remember wanting the Charger C70 refit (aka the consular cruiser refit) to build but by the point I found out about it they had stop selling it so I got my dad to buy an unopened one from England for me, I still have it on my shelf as well as my Malevolence 

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I've unfortunately had much experience with Legos, but I was always fascinated by the old stop-motion animations people made with Legos back in the day. I distinctly remember one with Boba Fett which I remember feeling so impressed with how they managed to pull this convincing animation off.

"What a piece of (good) crud."

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6 hours ago, Dirthi said:

We (older brother and I) used to have 3 huge tupperware boxes filled to the brim of just random lego stuff, Dad sold it in a garage sale for $20 when I was 15

feels bad dirty dirthi

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