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Project: Stardust

Project: Stardust  

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  1. 1. Should we used the current Death Star Map as a rotation map on Thursday?

    • Yes
    • No

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53 minutes ago, Ragdig said:

@Luigi Looks like you might be going home buddy!

All the comrades I've met, all the comrades I've lost, all the battles we've been through, all the times of picking up your slack... I'm finally going home!

Look forward to going back to the DS, so many great memories of my first couple of days on IG. Look how much times flies.

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8 hours ago, Tonberry said:

Yeah, definitely worth configuring the GPS for the DS map before we return to it, not sure how many people are going to remember their way around since October, let alone all the people who would have never been there (especially since you can't load it in single player to learn your way around!)

I'm sure a couple people like myself know it like the back of their hands. So at least we'll survive 

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23 hours ago, Mongo said:

I'm going  to say the d  word

I mean what

That's it, no more lunch breaks for you. Get back to working on the reactor!

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