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As you can see this Post is Made in Heaven, It'll Give you a Sheer Heart attack. I Felt Very Under pressure To make a Special Post for the big 2000. 

i Had One Vision To Film Me Singing a Song for this but i was busy with School and IRL Commitments. 

These Forums are the Love Of my Life, So Don't Stop me now. 

These Milestones, Another one bites The dust

So Much has happened Since i First Joined IG and Thats what makes me Love it so much,

I'm at 2 and half years RN and i don't regret a Moment, As they say The Show must Go On!

So Remember Keep Yourself Alive! 

I'm doing a Reveal Look below


Keep Going


Forearm Reveal


Dont bully me 


Ok Lets keep Going 

I have One thing to Say to everyone We will Rock you!

We being me 

Rock you being= Gamer time 

I Guess we can all agree 

We are the Champions!

i Have some people i'd like to thank 

  • Rickle- Being a Very Good Friend
  • Bailey- Being a Supportive Friend 
  • Shepard- Being an amazing Workmate
  • Luigi- Always Being a Kink and funny friend 
  • Mongo- Being a Good lad
  • Basil- Being a Great Dad
  • Fizzy- Being one of the Boys
  • Frost- Coming back and helping with CW
  • Cecil- Giving me a Chance On Imp server 
  • Whitey- Giving me the best time of my Life on Cw
  • Lime- being a Supportive 2ic
  • Fox- Being a Kind Co
  • Broken- Being a Kind Friend 
  • Rex, Archer, Cure, Pickle, Wombat, Sky, Corvo and Kris- Being Amazing staff members Who Have supported me in the Change Over 
  • Boris and Joel- being cute
  • Aera and Chris- Bestest Eng Bros 
  • Radcop, Grif, Carswell, Tank and Lucky- Being amazing IHC and NHC 
  • Vanilla, Gregis and Eclipse- Being amazing people i can chat with- And Devs!
  • Red and Loki- Medic Nights are fun thanks for havin me :p 
  • Sterling- Love ya bud <3 
  • Auzii- being the best ya minge 
  • Swallows, Fludders, Hankeye and Ping- MEdics!
  • Sillar- Forums gang 
  • John, Zote, Iris and Horus Minecraft gang
  • Peguin and Ramirez- Cool Guys 


i Guess thats it 

And Kamelieon- Your a Killer Queen 


Thats it from me i think 

you guys are all My Best Friend 

I'm waiting for The Hammer To fall

I have One vision, that we all Become Closer 

Remember Too Much love will kill you 

now! Spread your wings! 

Friends will be Friends!

Till The very End.....

Ok I'll stop


Edited by Delta
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Appreciation post?

Delta, you've been there since..... forever. I'll WILL always remember you. For me, you've been an amazing member of the community to be around. You've been an amazing member because of the enjoyable person you are. All the jokes, banta and good times will keep and has kept me going afterall the Communtiy is why I stay. I'm not good at these tings so to put it simply...... 

Thankyou for being you!! ❤ ❤

1 hour ago, Delta said:

And Kamelieon- Your a Killer Queen

Honestly a real a** Sister!!!!!!!!!! Sister Saving the best for last. You're a real loyal one and I appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!! Be my King ;) 

Oh my goshness, a beach forgot! I'm so dumb......
CONGRATULATIONS ON 2000 POSTS (Teach me the ways)

Edited by Kamelieon
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Hey, Congrats Delta!

I always knew I was a "kink and funny friend". All seriousness it's been an absolute pleasure to have gotten to know you Delta. Always here for you man

And thus continuing... YEAHHHHH!

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1 hour ago, Bailey said:

On God I thought you were resigning and I was about to slap the sh*t out of you, nah but, congratulations on 2k posts young man, shows immense dedication to the community.

I'm here till the day I die my friend 

Or something else happens lmao 


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On 7/19/2019 at 3:55 PM, Redzilla said:


Aight vro, when you've spent enough time with the community to hit 2000 posts you can call him a loser. Until then, don't say dumb stuff.

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