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What's the mingiest thing you've done?


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Back in the day our favourite execution method was to freeze a line of LFS TIEs on one side of the DS-01 hangar, put the victim on the other side of the hangar, jump in all of them one by one and cran

Killed the majority of people onboard the ship a few times.....

I don't need to say anything, and I'm gonna be roasted for bringing this back up, worth it though.

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On 7/18/2019 at 11:12 AM, Rickle said:

Accidentally Crashing the server when @Denzham (Iris) was Building a Sith tournament. He was very mad at me.

it wounds me that you don't even remember the circumstance correctly, i was building the public duelling arena i woke up pretty early so i went on the server like alright not many people on so i can just chill and take my time with building it and then i literally finished it all and just needed to add the stairs at the front of the bloody thing and you crash the server and i'm sat there like i've been chilling here building this for like 2 hours...

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But as for mingiest thing i'm not too sure there's been a hell of a lot over the years i mean as Grand inquisitor to be fair i probably spent more time RP'ing as Iris the goddess of rainbows rather than the grand inquisitor but i still did my job so it worked haha buuut i'd just say that me as an st that's the emperors "personal ST so i'm allowed in the temple" and ST Iris (Saber Instructor) were pretty great along with Marvin The Martian Medic loved it all

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