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So I'm not new to IG by any means, however recently I've been stuck in a labyrinth of different names so you may not recognise me haha. 

I generally go by Welly but currently you may know me by my Royal Guard name, Jupiter. Before this name I had a different Royal Guard name but there was an update to the RG naming rules so I became named after a planet. Other names were Junior Agent Joseff about two months ago, or Cupid before the RG change. So there's my different names, hopefully you can recognise me in game!

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2 minutes ago, Kamelieon said:

Welcome to the forums? I guess I think.

Nah haha I've been here for a while now :)

(I don't do posting, more viewing, kid)

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1 hour ago, YMCAGang said:

I'm not new either, im just not liked

!! D: 

That's not true bruddah! We're a friendly community full of people and even if your not liked by some, there's always heaps of others who like you my man.

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