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4 minutes ago, SiegeMonkey said:

@Kristofer got sad when he read male on that

If I get PAC3 I am going to change to Nataly Halayis which is a Female character I used to play and have put her into my story line as 'Kamelieons' Sister

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2 minutes ago, Bailey said:

What does the lettering and numbering mean in the title?

Also, its a great read :)

Nothing, its just a random press down on my number keys and adding some artistic letters

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1 hour ago, Delta said:

When is the Throwback to your days of shore co 

when you bought it 

or am i thinking of someone else...

Good Read non the less 

There was mix good meme mix up, they thought Wiles left and the day I bought it he coincidentally came on and I was in it for like 30 mins before transferring to Incin. Those daays when we have the Commander rank :(

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