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Browsing Reddit and Saw Something

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I was on Reddit today and saw something interesting, it was a picture of Star Wars RP on the front page and it caught my eye because it was Garry’s Mod on the front page, then I read the post title.

A member of the American Server Synergy RP (please God, it’s not advertising, they’re American) has passed away recently and they got everyone together to take a photo in his honour.

Here is the image - https://m.imgur.com/gallery/wDuLL5o

That is not really the point of this post, on top of that fact that he, his family and the community have my best wishes and condolences, I sometimes forget each and every one of us is a very different human being living very different lives.

So, I’d just like to let you all know that I appreciate all of you and this entire community of people that might not always get along, but overall are under one roof and one community, and even a broader Star Wars RP community.

Furthermore, stay safe, stay happy and in a few years we may look at this in the past and hopefully we each have some fond memories of our time here.

Sorry for the formatting, I’m on my phone and I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow morning to make the post because I’m sort of emotional over this picture at the moment and wanted to speak from the heart in a way.

Stay happy,

- Bailey

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Rest in peace...I'd like you to know we all feel the same way hopefully about each other, through our ups and downs we get stronger... Thank you.

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27 minutes ago, Dexoys said:

Give us the reddit post and I will upvote that not this thread

Of course. Lots of comments on it now, but it’s good to see a lot of support.



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This is a beautiful gesture. Through our ups and downs, in the end we are one big family.

To whoever died: Rest in peace, and fly high.


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