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PetiteBob Moderator Application


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If you really don't have much care for the server you co-manage, step down. Not going to work out with you becoming staff in this community whilst you hold positions on another that could lead to you dropping your position within IG at any given moment.

Becoming staff isn't supposed to be something you apply for to gain some kind of social standing or easy way to get perms (not saying that's your goal), but more of a position to dedicate more of your time to helping the other players and the server to prosper, and if you can't be bothered to dedicate yourself to a community you co-manage it doesn't make a good argument for you in the eyes of this one to bother relying on you to help theirs.

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On 7/6/2019 at 9:40 AM, [IG] Tackxo said:


Seemingly the most experienced when it comes to SantosRP. I for one would like to see what he could bring to the table for the server in the future.
Pointing out the fact that he doesn't have enough time is useless as the server hasn't been up for long enough to gather the 3 days in the time PetiteBob has been active in the community. 


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