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Quest System & Mission System Changes

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Before I start, take note that what used to be called the "Quest" system has been renamed to the "Mission" system and will be referred to this way from now on (the system in the Imperial Logistics Centre).

Quest System

  • You now complete quests under a variety of different category's for "Quest Points", you can use these quest points in the F8 menu to progress skills to benefit yourself.
  • There are 3 parts/quests to every category, giving 1,2 and 3 points in increasing order, this means each part gets harder and harder.
  • The F7 Menu will show all of your quests, the progress, the instructions, tips and the reward if you complete each quest.
  • Once you have completed all parts of all quests you can go to the Mission Vendor NPC, and Prestige your quest line, this gives you a big credit, point and quest point bonus.

Have fun with the new quests and perks.


P.S Shout out to long lost advisor Ridge and Axx for the idea a few months back.

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Just to let people know, F8 is actually the automatic "disconnect" bind for GMod, so make sure to unbind F8 if you want to use the skills menu.

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