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Bye bye team


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Well thats me done, I enjoyed my time on the server but its time for it to come to a close.

Been apart of this server for a little over a year and I've enjoyed a majority of my time on it, made some outstanding mates i wouldn't trade for the world. I still remember when i first joined the server and  Vader's fist for 3 days before leaving Tom and Wind for Imperial Commandos and my intro into Cinder Demo was Outback telling me the tale of my predecessor and his impressive TK ratio. I would like to thank 501st for being the best welcome to this server and Sith for being my home for a majority of my tenure in this community outstanding people in both these Regiments {2 Marauder spots open now, so get in there}. I can't forget Medics the first Regiment i joined after being Sith for a long time, actually some of the nicest people on the server and a great regiment. I may return in the future however that remains to be seen, some of you have me on steam or discord feel free to message me if the feeling strikes you.

I love a majority of you and i hope you continue to flourish and improve as i know you will both on server and in the real world.
Couldn't ask for a better bunch of people to play SWRP with and just be around. 

I'm not really great at long goodbyes so i kept it brief and I have to leave you with Tacky military quotes
'Don't sweat the small the stuff'
"Everything in life worth doing is worth overdoing moderation is for cowards'

Respectfully, till next time

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12 minutes ago, Thirty said:

{2 Marauder spots open now, so get in there}.

Rickle: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Nah but, good luck mate, I hope you do well in the future. I will miss you.

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Thirty mate, you're one of the greatest guys I've gotten to know on the server and I'll never forget the time we spent in marauders and the late nights playing crusader kings 2 (We'll keep playing, or start playing again?) it's been a privilege to get to know you and I hope maybe one day you'll come back.

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