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Hello there,

I stumbled apon this addon on the steam workshop and i think it could be used very well by EM's during events, To make a more immersive feel, This addon is a bunch of capital ships that can be spawned in as props. If this is added to the content pack it will make the "Server Lore" feel more expanded as there is a wider range of ships that can be used during Rp and events.

Props List :

● Allegiance-class battle cruiser
● Bothan Assault Cruiser
● Bulwark Mk2 Battleship
● Geonosian dreadnought
● Providence-class dreadnought "Invisible Hand"
● Imperial II-class Star Destroyer
● Executor-class Star Dreadnought "Knight Hammer"
● Super Star Destroyer Legacy
● MC-80b Star Cruiser
● MC-90 Star Cruiser
● Mon Calamari Heavy Carrier
● Nebula-class Star Destroyer
● Praetor-class battle cruiser
● Secutor-class Star Destroyer
● Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer
● Strident-class Star Defender


Also a quick note if the ships are two big or two small you can use the Resizer to make them bigger/smaller.


Thank you for reading

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We used to have the resizer tool on the server and it managed to break the server almost instantly by making it really unstable for whatever reason. I also think that the addon you suggested was suggested along side the resizer tool when it was added way back when, but was never added due to the ships being too big and the resizer tool being buggy. Great suggestions though and maybe the issues have been fixed now.

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I would love a resizer tool it'd be soo helpful with my builds in engineers it does seem it'd cause alot of problems 

The ships look cool and sound like a good idea 

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While i'm not so sure how stable the re-sizer tool would be since it has a infamous past, the ships themselves would make an excellent edition to the server.

However in future we do have a suggestions tab in the SWRP section of the forums if you wish to make more suggestions for the server. 

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