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I guess it's an intro, maybe, maybe not. Hi - Deez Nuts

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sometimes you may see a random shadow guard by the name of Sol Invictus, and you may sometimes see people calling me Deez Nuts. I feel that this is an overdue re-re-reintroduction, whatever you want to call it. I have university to think about, so if you do see me, hello to you, hello to me, vice versa.


I used to be the RG CMD, Sovereign at one point, but now, just a random ass SG. I'm usually on near the weekends all day, so don't feel afraid to drop by and say hi. Whenever i'm not on, it's usually because of classes or university assignments.


Anyways, ciao.


- Deez / Sol Invictus / Erstin Deez / Deez Nuts 

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3 minutes ago, Kamelieon said:

Hey bish eat croissants, drink tea and shop online with me if you want <3

yes ma'am i will proceed to eat croissants drink tea and shop online with you yessiree

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