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General Support Guide


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General Support Guide

Hi all,

This is going to be a general support guide for anyone who needs help with forums, community and server related issues.
Support is a common need within members of the community, and hopefully this guide should open your eyes into what you should do if you run into a problem.


Support Hub / Search Guide

Firstly, if you are able to identify the problem you are having, it is recomended that you make a quick search for topics to find any possible related issues and resolutions.
This can be easily done using the search bar in the top left corner of the forums site, and changing search teams to 'Topic'



Changing the 'Search in' option allows you to refine your results a bit. Lua Panic is a perfect example, we have plenty of topics posted on the forums in order for you to fix this!
Additonally, you are able to just search through the support hub and look at different solutions.


Requesting Assistance from Support Team

If you're issue is not resolved by this stage, it is reccomended that, if you have the time you join the teamspeak server (syd.streamlinegames.com:10012) and join the Support channel related to you.



Here you will find 3 waiting rooms;

  •  [Need Assistance] General Support
    (General Support, whether that be PC problems or any other variety of problems)
  •  [Need Assistance] Donation Support
    (Donation Support, for donations related issues - probably can usually be forwarded to a staff team member.)
  • [Need Assistance] Garry's Mod Support
    (Lastly Garry's Mod Support, for any Garry's Mod, and Garry's Mod server related issues)

Joining the appropriate room allows the correct member to join and provide the best support to you possible!


Forums Support System

Lastly, we have a support system on the forums!



Where to access said system on the forums. ^^^


This system allows Support, Development and Managment Team to view your issues, and give you replies and resolutions in our time without the use of teamspeak, as well as logging issues for possible future reference.
It also gives options for Staff Reports, Bug Reports and etc, a very useful tool on the forums.


The Support Team thanks you for coming to us with issues as well, it allows us to research resolutions for other community members, and give us a look into what issues any servers might be having so we can report it to the appropriate people, so your time is much appreciated by us :).


Anyway, I hope this gave everyone a good idea of what the should do when in need of Support!

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