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Goodbye <3


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Just want to thank you all for the expereince even though short lived i've had on IG, I'm very sad to announce my sudden departure from the server and most likely the GMOD community. Recently I've had to make some major decisions in my life which will effect me in my coming years and one includes me not returning to GMOD. This is due to me now taking extra after school classes which I need to achieve the certain degree i'm attempting to obtain as well as several days a week not coming home rather doing work. I would find it unfair to hold a position within the server only being able to play 2-3 days and week and their is a highly likely chance I will not e playing GMOD at all for my wellbeing and studies, Ya'll have made this a wild ride and I've had an immense amount of fun but I guess theirs a time where we have to stop gaming and think of our future, I wish you all well and hope you all the best.

(What this idiot didn't realize is that he would end up dropping out and got bored so he comes back, whatta nerd)

Love <3


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