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peace out girl scouts

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Seeya Carnifex, cheers for everything you have done for both myself and everyone within the community and for putting up with the neverending pings on the forums especially that night where I mentioned you in about 30+ support threads xD


Hope whatever you do next goes well and I wish you the best of luck, welcome to the retirees club.




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Sad to see you go my dude, we shared some great laughs on the CW server. Been around for a long while, you'll go down as one of IG's greatest's. Definitely won't forget your Mace Windu impressions, that sh*t was hilarious.

Before I go, I'll leave you with one of your quotes: "and Skywalker..."

See you round Carnifex, and Good Luck!

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cya bro everyone be sayin you had an impact on them but i know i had an impact on you, getting grand inquis and staff ;) you like to try deny deny deny but you can't do that to the big boy himself anyways have fun with your life on black desert online i think i've carried you on this server for long enough, thought i'd get 1 last roast in before you're gone @Carnifex

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