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Jedi Padawan Fizzy Wilhelm the most qualified of the 7th Sky Corps Battallion


Elitest Commander at Debrief


Waxer loves waxing...


The Two Bacaras meet0BA6B402-52EF-4D99-859F-40D73BF57B1B.thumb.jpeg.731e0bf3dce072906f47c13eab44f8bf.jpeg

The Boys


Mincer gets forced to take a shower


Kristofer crashing clone wars


The Boys




Airborne when management tried to take their jetpacks


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On 6/19/2019 at 9:46 AM, Shepard said:

@Luigi Will always be Anakin Skywalker in my heart

You're making me cry, Temple Guard Omega

It was an absolute honour and privilege, a once in a life time opportunity, that I was given such an iconic role on the server. I gave it my all and tried to make it immersive but enjoyable for everyone. One last o7, for the boys.

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