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Imperial Campaign This Weekend

Join us for the Slave War campaign this Saturday the 22nd at midday AEST, a combining of five full scale events into a single stream of combat and RP

Contact Grif on the forums if you want to be an Event Character for the full or any part of the campaign

The campaign will end at approximately 5pm AEST

The Following is the Title Crawl

With the death of the Zygerrian Queen in the Clone Wars the Zygerrian Slave Operation fell to nothingness, until the Empire rose.

The Empire used the Zygerrian operation to gain a steady stream of slave labour for use all across the galaxy, and Zygerria's peace was guaranteed now being overseen by Governor Strauss.

On the nearby world of Mirial, an attack on the Zygerrians was prepared in secret by the Mirialian High Council, who worshipped force artefacts found on their planet. In a bold attempt they launched simultaneous attacks on the two planets between Mirial and Zygerria and were successful in taking them.

The Empire sent the Star Destroyer Aquital to stop the Mirialians but it was destroyed by a rogue Jedi Knight working with the Mirialians. After this discovery the Chimaera joined with the 7th Fleet to spearhead the operation in the sector. The objectives save Zygerria, now being invaded directly, take back Imperial Territory and destroy the Mirialians.


We're looking forward to seeing everyone who wants to join us

Grif, Sky and Corvo

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