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Any 2016 Og's Yo boys BBack

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I aint that OG either, I joined and left after RST disbanded and came back december 2018

44 minutes ago, Vanilla said:

I'm not that OG but welcome back


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36 minutes ago, yeegunyeezie said:

Oo idk about the first 20 days, joined early December of 2016 i reckon, dunno how OG that is :D

Server opened December 11th, 2016, so to play in December you played within the first 20 days.

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Ayyy I was there for that sick party. I also remember the whole ship going kaleidoscope colours because someone set the lamp distance too far when they placed it........

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15 minutes ago, Marsh said:

Legend. How you've been?



Yeah not bad mate, just been focusing on not failing VCE, playing footy all that good stuff. Thinking of coming back on IG. Heard you left earlier this year along with a bunch of others

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9 hours ago, yeegunyeezie said:

Back to Celebrate the good ole times, whats a good story from your time on the server?





holy frick this brings back so many memories

bloody pebbles got mass promoted i swear

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