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Star Wars Fallen Order Gameplay Demo

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If I'm being honest, this game doesn't look that interesting.

At this point, it would be better to remaster all the old gems rather than try and make more disappointments.

If EA can manage to screw up a remaster, they have no place in this world.

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The combat honestly looks a little clunky, and they either chose a fairly bad portion of the game to show for an E3 teaser or the entire game is going to be that slow paced, so hope that EA just messed up on marketing on this one. As much as there are a few troopers scattered around it feels kind of empty for an imperial mining operation and the largest number of troopers on screen together that I would maybe call a squad is when the troopers are focusing on those giant spiders.

Makes me want to go back and replay force unleashed more than it makes me hopeful for the game, which is probably not the reaction they were going for.

But on the bright side slowing down the blaster bolt then force-pulling the trooper so he shot himself in the back was pretty cool.

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Ngl, looks super clunky, I love the story and I'll probably watch a YouTuber like TheRadBrad play it, or just google a playthrough online, but it seriously doesn't look fun to play to me.

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