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Mauler PAC3 Application


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Just by the way, I feel like a lot of the downvotes are from when I JUST applied which was in my first 2 weeks of my return, I've now been back for nearly 3 months


So Yeah, Bump


Also now I'm a Captain.

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Did I +1 already? Yes

Should I +1 again? Probably not

Will I though? No.


Adding onto my +1 Mauler has always been a dedicated member of the community, and from past experience he is a bit of a dickhead but he at least knows how to be responsible, so he’s in my good books.

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-1. The PAC3s are low effort. You wanting to further your RP is okay but what about the RP of others? I don’t see a contribution to the atmosphere of the server possibly coming through your addition to the PAC3 team. I’ll consider changing to a +1 if you show more impressive PAC3s and describe how you’ll contribute.

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So, I haven't been on in a while and thats because ive been moving and on holidays. My CO knows as such but I forgot to mention it here. If people have been wondering if I've gone inactive or not, the answer is yes, but with good reason.

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