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My Project Needs Music, and You Can Help!


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Hey all,

As I've been discussing in the chatbox, I'm in need of some music suggestions for both the trailers and episodes of Aftermath: An Imperial Gaming Story. I've been sourcing music from over the web to avoid simply copy/pasting established Star Wars or Machinimasound music into my episodes. I want my series to have a bit of flare to it; a bit of originality.

As such, as well as incorporating orchestral and piano music into it, I'm looking for electronic music, and I need your help sourcing this music.

Keep in mind, Aftermath is not going to be a happy story. It is not a story of heroes rising up to defeat villains and saving the day. It is a story of loss, challenge and conflict, among other things. As such, I need music with more sinister, dramatic and tense undertones, as well as some more ambient music to keep the mood in check.


I have sourced some great music from Seycara Orchestral and Porter Robinson/Virtual Self, but I'm in need of some more dark orchestral music and battle music as well as some slower-paced electronic music with (when appropriate) glitchy elements. I can also fit piano into basically anything. I'm looking to stick to as few artists as possible so that the music in this series has a consistent artistic style and motifs, which is why I am planning (but not locking in) using some game and movie/series soundtracks with a long cohesive list of music produced in a similar manner.

If you can get past these super-anal guidelines, your suggestions will be very much appreciated and I'll be sure to find a way to credit you in the series. Just post your suggestions down below.

Have a great one everyone!

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Audiomachine and Two Steps from Hell have a lot of great orchestral pieces of different varieties on YouTube, but I recommend looking into Audiomachine's work more as they got a nice amount of dark orchestral pieces that come across as very serious, intense and atmospheric.There's also a channel called "Epic Heaven Music" that has various pieces from different composers, might be worth looking into especially with your interest in the use of electronic music as well.

One of my personal favourites from Audiomachine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzifeTuMijI

Not really interested in being credited, just looking forward to your video with some great music in it. Hope you find what you're looking for 


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5 hours ago, Bailey said:

As much as Soundcloud is filled with wannabe gangsters and such, it’s a good place for stuff like that.

Bailey is absolutely right, I did a project similar to this and found some good tunes on here that I later added.

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