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Re-attemp of getting unbanned

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In-game alias:

PVT 1042 Hungry (scout), PFC Starved

My Steam ID:

hungry=STEAM_0:1:105104883 , starved=STEAM_0:0:208838034

When was I banned:

[ 03/25/17   17:01:23 ] don't know when the other one was banned

Which admin banned me:


Explain the situation: 

I had hacks on. A bot aimer and lua bypasser. I was scrolling through my previous console commands looking for stopsound cause I was too lazy to type; opened up bot aim (lua bypasser was already on because I was using it on another server). I accidently killed some people, instantly disconnected didn't come back on for a bit and when I did I found out I was banned. Tried to get myself unbanned didn't work out so well, made an alt account played for a couple of hours on that one and got banned again.

link to my previous ban appeal:


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I understand there is no need for this question but, is this a joke?

Unless you have some sort of mental disability you don't just "enable/open your aimbot/hacks" then proceed to "accidentally" kill some people then instantly disconnect without telling staff about the situation.

And the cherry on top, you made an alt account to evade a ban.

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