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Can You Dig It? - Bailey speaking to all the Gangs at the beginning of SantosRP, Circa 2019

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@Goon Squad
@Vercetti Crime Family / The Commission
@Hectic Ethnics
@Any Other Gangs

@Rickle @Huey

Can you dig it? There aren't enough cops on the Server yet to handle all of us! We must work together my brothers! CAN YOU DIG IT?!


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1 minute ago, Huey said:

⚜ The Commission will be more than happy to form alliances with other syndicates 


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24 minutes ago, JeremyMGC said:

Great Idea, Bad Execution 

Obviously missing the point.

This is a sh*tpost where people can farm post count. Bailey locked that post because people were farming post count. Bailey posts a sh*tpost where he can farm post count. 

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