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Guess who has returned...

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Answer... not me



I'm back fellers, corvo gave me the big beg and requested i tryout for SC and now im back so admons prepare for big minge



in all seriousness, glad to be back so far, theres new and old faces, new sh*t, new regiment. its all... nice. Love y'all and hope to see you on the server!


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11 hours ago, Rivers said:

Won't be the same without the Gov Droid Mauler and Governor Bullock combo but regardless it's good to see you again :) welcome back.

Uh oh, I smell chaos.

Welcome back Mauler

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Ngl Mauler's return is more exciting than Palpatine's return in The Rise of Skywalker.

See you around the ship my dude, will be good to see you!

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