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The New Sunray Outpost on Tatus!


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Hello there Imperial Gaming, today we have introduced a new map to the Server, "rp_storm_outpost" and some Clone Wars Veterans may recognise it as "rp_jania_neo", it is a similar map, but not exactly the same! It will be used from time-to-time and we haven't decided on a rotation plan for it yet, however, after a lot of hard work by Wolf, it should be ready to go very soon!

The Outpost is an Imperial Outpost that has been rebuilt and refurbished after the Clone Wars, you may notice a few Clone Wars relics sitting around, but trust us, there are no droids ;). In order to play this map, you'll need this and all of the required assets that come with it, the map features many interesting places and a plethora of Roleplay opportunities to come with it. Make sure to get everyone you know to download the new content because without it they won't be able to see!

The Outpost we'll be mainly on, has been dubbed "Sunray Outpost", to honour the brave men of the 147th "Sunray" Battalion that fought and died here during the Clone Wars, it is a very luscious and high-tech outpost which has been outfitted with a few new gadgets by our Engineering Department, an entirely new bunker has been built into the side of the Mountain in order to provide a wider look into the landscape of the beautiful planet of "Tatus" and provide a wider scope in regards to the protection of the Outpost, as the CIS drilled through the mountain originally to assault the 147th from behind, destroying them.


The Mountain Facility, dubbed "The Starlight Facility" is a nearly impregnable facility that is locked down with long corridors and foot after foot of durasteel encased by a Mountain that takes Months of work to break through, it is outfitted with a Mess Hall, a Command Centre, as well a Supply Area in order for at least a Company of Stormtroopers to hold out there for Months on end, the Engineers did an extremely good job of it and we believe the Emperor will be pleased.

It also has an area for vehicles to enter through and be stored in case of emergencies.


On top of all this, a ways away, is "Sunray Minor", a play on words in regards to the military callsigns of a Commander and his Second in Command, an even smaller outpost made for the Emperor himself, and it will house the Sith, as well as their personal elite troopers, the Purge Troopers, it is designed as an extreme fallback position for the Imperials if they ever need it, but is mainly so the Emperor does not have to deal with the common trooper, and is able to find a place to relax when the rest of you are hard at work.



Troops will be expected to patrol the Starlight Facility and the outside of the base in rotation, decided by the IHC, or when the troopers feel like they want to make a good impression on the higher-ups! You are not to leave the base without the explicit permission of the Navy or a member of Imperial High Command, this is to make sure we don't have any troopers getting lost in the forests. Departure and arrival codes will not be necessary unless taking a vehicle with you, if so, you must take it from the Hangars on the Eastern side of the base.

There are many training opportunities within the base, with a Citadel Challenge, and two large training rooms available for booking and use by all Regiments.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask, I made this post sort of RP, and sort of OOC at the same time in order to give it a "Community Transmission" kind of feel like the Battlefront 2 Devs do.

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2 hours ago, Bailey said:

it is a very luscious and high-tech outpost which has been outfitted with a few new gadgets by our Engineering Department

It was a lot of hard work but we managed to out do ourselves and are proud of our work.

2 hours ago, Bailey said:

the Engineers did an extremely good job of it and we believe the Emperor will be pleased.

Does that mean that maybe i can get paid? maybe even a promotion? 

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