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Cad Bane's Intro

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First of all, pleasure to meet you all

Over the past month or so I've been playing on and off on the Imperial server, but with the CWRP server shutting down, I've transferred over here with my staff position. Wanting to vary up my game play I purchased Cad Bane and feel that its my duty to introduce myself formally.

I'm not going to bore you with the lore behind Cad Bane and who he was, however, I can introduce you to me a little. So first of all, if you wish to see my past characters, check my signature, has a brief list of some of them. In regards to the imperial server I've seen a bit of variety, however I've swayed in favor of killing people for credits (!p Cad in game for info and prices) and enjoying the culture. Unfortunately I'm not an impressionist so I can't immerse you guys on that front, however I can help you in other ways. In regards to me, I'm 16, studying to be an electrical engineer, and other than that I'm lazy as all hell.

I look forward to sorting out your petty differences with a blaster for a few credits, see you around

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