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As the title says...I'm Leaving

This isn't a joke and I believe it is time for me to exit the community for the good of myself and others

During my time I have experienced, highs and lows - Most of the people I have met here are some of the kindest and most heartfelt

Some of you are scum who I would spit on...But that is life

It's been practically 1 and a half years of Star Wars RP....This is the time I leave...

Some Special Mentions for Important People and those who have helped me along the way

@Huey Sterling, You are one of the first people that I started to talk to even on Empire Gaming, You have been a great guy and I hope we'll still be playing R6 together and f**king around in discord

@Regret I joined on the same day as you and you've achieved a lot, I believe you to be one of the most trustworthy people I have ever met on this server, Good Luck at Uni and have fun

@Happy All the memes we've had over the last few years, from Vent Patrol till when you came back. You have been with me since the start and I can't thank you enough for all the sh*t we did together. Good luck on being am EM and Inquisitors - I hope to see you as 6th Brother again very soon

@Theta Congrats on Major General - Whenever I wanted to have a joke or just be an idiot you were always there and did it with me....GL on Major General and I hope you go further

@Helsing Well...I guess this is the end of the legacy - You've achieved so much in such a small time frame and I hope you achieve more while I'm gone - Good Luck on Moderator and Vader. You were one of the best Commanders and friends I had on the server

@Galle Never gonna get Major General - Good Luck on Moderator and one-day IHC - You've been a good meme and I hope to speak to you later...Good Luck dude

@Lucky We had a lot of up's and downs but you turned out to be an interesting and cool guy. Hope you have a good life and GL on the Physics at Uni!

@Ragnar Legend at R6 - Great CO and a great friend...I hope to see you around on Planetside 2 

@Ragetank GL in DT, Didn't talk much but you seemed like a very fun dude...

@Rook GL with Marauders, You are a great EM and a good friend....Hopefully,  you can gain a bit of weight and actually live

@Hammer Good luck at Police Academy, Good Luck with Grand General - Have Fun!

@Rad_Cop You dealt with a lot of my sh*t for a long time, I'm thankful you did - You are an amazing commander for engineers and an even better friend - Thank you

@Wombatiacus Thank you for the help OOC and IC - You were a fun guy to hang out with, Gonna miss the jokes we had

@Anderson - I dunno your forums account but literally one of the most fun guys to hang out with. All the sh*t we got up to on EG and now, Good Luck man

@Larko We didn't agree for a long time but you turned into an amazing person in my eyes, I will always have respect for you - GL on 212th!

@Joel Very Epic Meme Person - GL on the App  - I Hope to see you in Staff....You'd be perfect for it

@Eclipse Good Luck on Mod - GL in Medics...See Ya Dad

@Delta Dad I'm sorry I forgot you......One of the most trusted people on this server, helped me a lot and I'm gonna miss you dude


If I missed you please don't hold a grudge....I care about a lot of you guys and even if I didn't really show it

Unless I actually hated you....then legit I couldn't care less

Goodbye People - I'll still be sitting in the TS but....I guess for the In-Game and probs forums

I dunno how many of you hated me....But

This is Boris...Signing Off..

(Don't leave a sh*tty o7 plz - A Bit of Effort would be nice)




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Thanks Boris for the laughs home dog. Gonna miss you for your golden RP abilities and and ability to make people laugh even when it is a situation in which we shouldn't. Good luck on your future endeavors,  o7 ;)

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Adios amigo. It is actually sad to see you go, you formed kind of this "cherished thorn" in my view of the server, and I'll definitely miss your stupid antics, despite my cold shoulder on a number of encounters. Feel free to poke me for a chat every now and then. o7

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1 hour ago, Boris said:

Some of you are scum who I would spit on...But that is life

Did you hate me? Hopefully not.

Farwell my dood, stay coolio. Good luck in your future endeavours and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

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Wow, This one hit me in the feels a little. I'm glad we got to share some very very funny times in the past, I'm going to miss seeing you around. I wish you the best of luck Boris and I'll see you when I see you. :( 

/me Tips Fedora 

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Damn brother, we didn't see eye to eye for a while but in the end I loved you, and it truly is sad to see you go brother. Thanks for all the epic fun on the server, although not everyone saw your version of fun as good, I know you always had good intentions and I also know you seriously don't care what other people think of you. Goodluck in future ventures and I hope to see you back one day,

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*takes a swig of whiskey before pouring a shot out on the ground of the DS-01 hangar*

No Boris to cause mischief, no Eazy E now that he has joined ISB... What are we supposed to do all day now?  I guess we can delete the collective 50gb of Boris evidence.  I wonder who will take up the mantle?

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I'm really sorry to hear that. At first, I won't lie I thought you were a bit of a dick but after actually getting to talk to you it turned out you were a pretty cool guy sad to see you go man.

You will always be SK/RT Attached in my heart. 


Good Luck on where ever you end up and hopefully we'll see you again some time

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You caused me many headaches that I probably could have avoided but it was fun having you around. You caused me lots of trouble and head shaking but it was interesting and amusing.

I enjoyed our time playing together and glad we could get along still having some enjoyable  talks even after you left.


Good Luck have fun in future and always happy to talk.

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