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Dossier: Arias Mercer (ST PVT)

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NAME: Arias Mercer
DOB: 23/01/12 Before Empire
AGE: 27 Years
PARENTS: Mical Mercer (deceased), Ynifr Mercer (Imperial DiploServ)
HOMEWORLD: Devil's Moon, Wild Space

RANK: Private
REGIMENT: Stormtrooper Corps




Arias Mercer was born 12 years before the formation of the Empire. He is the son of Mical Mercer (A prison guard at the Sheevsland POW Camp, KIA in the 1st battle of Sheevsland) and Ynifr Mercer, an Imperial Diplomatic Corps worker tasked with assisting developing colonies.

He lived a comfortable, middle-class life on a small Republic agri-colony located on the very edge of Wild Space. He was plagued by poor health and limited social skills as a child, but displayed exceptional intelligence and a voracious desire for knowledge from an early age.

As it did for most, the Clone Wars caused massive upheaval for young Arias. In the 1st year of the Wars, his father was killed when the Republic POW camp he served at was infiltrated by CIS commandos and subject to a violent jailbreak (see 1st Battle of Sheevsland AAR). The exact cause of death remains unknown.

With his family’s main source of income lost, Arias volunteered in the Commission for Preservation of the Republic’s youth brigade to put food on the table. He assisted local Republic forces with logistics, relaying messages and performing maintenance on military equipment, learning valuable skills.

When the Clone Wars ended and the Republic became an Empire, COMPR was rebranded as COMPNOR, the parent organization of the feared ISB. Conscripted into the Sub-Adult Corps, Arias excelled despite his poor health and lack of social skills, making full use of his prior training in logistics and holo-communications. He rose up the ranks of the Cadet Corps.

He enlisted in the Imperial Academy system the moment he came of age, with the blessings of his SAG Commandant.





Despite his application for an Officer Training Academy (and the recommendation of his prior CO), Arias was instead transferred to to the Corulag Infantry Academy. Records indicate this was due to his Wild Space upbringing - Outer Rim and Wild Space candidates were considered lower priority than Mid Rim and Core World candidates for places in OTA’s. He spent a full three years at Corulag.

He struggled during the physical aspects of his training - his results during obstacle courses and endurance training was very poor. He also did poorly in sparring matches due to his relatively slow reaction speeds and his lack of enthusiasm for direct violence. This saw him routinely at the bottom of his class, and it was only his exceptional scores in mechanical and tactical classes that kept him from washing out entirely.

He spent a year longer at the Academy than most Stormtrooper cadets. This was entirely by choice - he took on a staggering amount of elective studies, possibly in order to intentionally drag out the time he had before completing enlistment to give him more opportunities to study and prepare. This attitude of bending the rules to his advantage was noted by his instructors, who commented “for a Wild Space savage, he’s not too dim”. 

He was notably competent in camouflage and concealment, and his wilderness survival skills were the only physical aspect of his training at which he excelled, despite his poor health. He surprised everyone by placing first in a long term Escape and Evasion simulation, avoiding capture for a full month before instructors gave up on trying to locate him and declared the exercise over. He was marked as merely average for this, as “of course a savage would do well in the wild”.

He did not get along with his trainers or fellow trainees during his academy studies, and was shunned for his ‘savage’ background. He was largely a loner in the academy, with only a very small number of friendly acquaintances. He also proved frustratingly resistant to standard psychological conditioning - his neurological patterns are noted as atypical, making standard conditioning methods useless. He displayed alarming curiosity and independent though for a Stormtrooper candidate, and was investigated by ISB on two separate occasions. On both, he was deemed loyal.

Arias Mercer graduated around the middle of his class, and was assigned to the Imperial Pathfinder Corps as a Scout Trooper.





Due to his proclivity for independent initiative, exceptional skills at equipment recognition, vehicle maintenance, stealth and communication protocols, Private Arias Mercer was assigned to the Scout Troopers. He spent his first two years of service performing wilderness recon in remote Imperial outposts, and it was not until he successfully located and identified a surviving Jedi Padawan that he was brought to the attention of his superiors.

He was transferred to the 501st Legion halfway through his second year of service, although he retained his scout specialisation. He became competent at operating land vehicles during this time, and proved to be an above-average (although not truly exceptional) sniper in low-intensity situations. He served with distinction and was promoted to squad commander for his dedicated service. He displayed exceptional tactical foresight, although he had a dangerous habit of questioning orders.

In fact, he has been subject to numerous ISB investigations - some for disobeying orders, some for gaining access to information or areas he was not cleared for. Every single time, he has been found innocent of any disloyalty, and more often than not the investigation has resulted in a superior officer being found guilty of treason, corruption or incompetence. As a result, Arias has a friendly relationship with ISB, jokingly referring to himself as a “regular customer.”

His career came crashing to a halt - literally. In the fourth and final year of his tour of duty, his Aratech 74-Z Speeder Bike swerved out of control during a high-speed chase against a suspected Order 66 survivor, and crashed at speeds in excess of 500 km/h. Corporal Arias Mercer suffered numerous injuries, including a fractured skull and ruptured kidney. He spent the next eight months in and out of bacta tanks, and when his tour of duty was up, he was released from service - still badly injured.




After taking a year to recover from his extensive injuries, he re-enlisted and was deployed to the ISD Chimera as part of its regular Stormtrooper contingent. He has yet to distinguish himself in any way so far - for good or for ill.



Assessment 01: 16/06/14ANE, Dr Gwah Broke (Imperial Medical Corps, Psychology Department)



Private Mercer is absolutely not a neurotypical individual. Although he appears perfectly socially adjusted and outgoing at first glance, observation over an extended period of time displays cracks in his friendly facade. He is very good at communication when there is a set ‘objective’ for a conversation and is very clear when delivering or receiving information. However, he appears to have difficulty with (and distaste for) ‘small talk’. Outside the realms of strategy, logistics and technology, his ability to hold a conversation withers and dies. He is obsessive about the aforementioned subjects - he is constantly seeking new knowledge on strategies, procedures, technology and organisations. He seems to revel in this information to a degree similar to Thrawn’s documented obsession with art. He expresses visible frustration when his attempts to learn are foiled.

It is my hypothesis that this obsessive nature stems from two sources:
1) He displays multiple symptoms of ASD - obsessive compulsions, lack of innate empathy, introverted tendencies, arrogance. However, he is very high functioning, capable of pretending to be normal when it suits him. This hints at some level of self-awareness.
2) There is some evidence that his natural traits were exaggerated by COMPNOR conditioning. Members of the Sub Adult Group are routinely trained as informants and spies to be used against their own families and social circles, to root out traitors in the civilian population. This would explain his obsession for knowledge - he has been effectively trained from a young age to spy on those around him. Fortunately, this conditioning also means that he will almost certainly report any treasonous or suspicious activity or information he comes across, lessening the security risk he poses.

I believe that this obsession will manifest itself in ambition. It is not that he wants to lead armies or command minions - it is simply that he believes that influence will permit him access to more knowledge, and power will enable him to use that knowledge to destroy his enemies. He expresses clear distaste for high-ranking individuals he deems incompetent. However, he IS ferociously loyal to the Empire. I do not believe that he has the capacity to betray the Empire - his traumatic experiences during the Clone Wars have instilled in him the belief that the Empire is the galaxy’s only true chance at peace and stability. He will absolutely report and attempt to discredit any individual he believes to be a threat to the Empire - whether they are an active enemy or merely an incompetent.

I would liken his psychology to that of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Both are obsessed with knowing and understanding the enemy, and both are neurologically too far from the human baseline to integrate smoothly with Imperial society. I do not think he will ever function in normal society, and is not likewise not well-suited for the life of an infantryman or naval crewer. He will likely simply become frustrated with his superiors and his constant corrections and attempts to have their incompetence brought to light will sow dissent and undermine authority. For a machine like the Imperial military, this is a recipe for disaster.

I believe his unique psychology would make him well-suited to a command position within Intelligence or Special Forces, where his ruthlessness, curiosity and utter intolerance for incompetence will be an asset to the Empire, rather than a dangerous liability.



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