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Welcome to Imperial Gaming!

We are a gaming community based in Australia, providing a service that brings people together. Our hope is that our members enjoy their time here and refer to us as a second home because of how close we all are. We also pride ourselves on having the #1 Australia Star Wars server we are also on and off Australias #1 Garrysmod server.

This could not be possible without our extensive and well managed staff team, who volunteer their free time to help moderate our server and give our players things to do as well as our extensive and highly dedicated community of players who create and provide amazing roleplay experiences each and everyday. Below is a guide to help new players to the Imperial RP server understand some of the basic need to know training points within the server and the community.



Imperial RP:



Imperial Gaming Website


Imperial Gaming Forums


Imperial Gaming Donations


Community Steam Group


Community Teamspeak


Imperial RP Library



Imperial RP Sever Rules & Guidelines

Community Forum Rules




When you first join our server you will most likely be greeted with a heap of content errors, in order to solve this issue and begin your training you will need to download the servers content pack. The download may take a little while and once complete you will need to close your game and restart it in order for all of the errors to be fixed and you be able to see all of the props and items on the server.

IG | Imperial SWRP Content Pack: 


RP Name:

Whilst playing on our server it is important that you have a suitable roleplay name in order to enhance the in-game experience of yourself and other players within the community, when selecting your name be sure that is a name that is not derived from Star Wars lore or contain any inappropriate or rude words or numbers.

In order to change your name you can do /name [NAME], for example;

/name ST-4302 Bob

Server Rules:

Whilst on our server it is important that you abide by the server rules, the key rules to note within the server are;

1. SeriousRP at all times

2. Do NOT Minge

3. Do NOT FailRP


5. FearRP Applies to All

To see a full list of the server rules you can type !rules in chat or click on the server rules and guidelines thread in the important links section above.

Binds & Keycard:

In order to show respect to your superior officers in-game it is important that you set up a salute bind, to do this you can open up your console by clicking the ~ key and pasting bind KEY "say /me Salutes;act salute into your console. Ensure that you replace KEY with the key on your keyboard that you wish to press in order to perform the action.

Within your hot-bar you will see an item named 'Code Cylinder' this item is what we use in order to present ID and utilise the various key-card systems around the Star Destroyer. When your code cylinder is equipped you can right click which will display your information including your rank, name, clearance level and any other details you might have such as pilot licenses.


Whilst apart of our server you may come across some in-game terminology that you may or may not be aware of or may not understand, knowing the below terms will help you in making your in-game experience better and less confusing;

AOS = Arrest on sight

KOS = Kill on sight

PTE = Permission to enter

PTS = Permission to speak

SITREP = Situation report


About Face = 180° turn over right hand shoulder

Left Face = 90° turn to the left

Right Face = 90° turn to the right

Left Incline = 45° turn to the left

Right Incline = 45° turn to the right

Left Decline = 135° turn to the left

Right Decline = 135° turn to the right

Front Face = turn to face the person calling the faces, ensure you turn over your right hand shoulder


View the spoiler box below for the complete list of formations used on the server.





Extended Line



File/Single Column


Dual Column




Advanced Firing Line


Diamond Formations

  • Standard Diamond

image.png.3b3a836298b49fd718916e5ce755eef9.png image.png.a7345bb51a0f77b0fce69e785b52a01c.png

  • Prisoner Diamond

image.png.c0e7f2c6ff847a15931ae605a9a4e7f5.png image.png.fd32ce5f6994be6cbc40deb61f070d09.png

  • VIP Diamond


Box Formation



During your time on the server you will notice that there are different ranks that players may achieve within their regiments, certain regiments such as those which are non-military based have a different ranking system to the regiments that are military based.

To see a full list of all ranks within the server, visit the following link: http://tiny.cc/igranks

DEFCON Levels:



DEFCON V - Normal Duties (Weapons away, unless guarding regiment)

DEFCON IV - All personnel be alert (Weapons out on safety)

DEFCON III - All personnel report to stations (Weapons out off safety)

DEFCON II - Full ship lockdown (All blast doors locked)

DEFCON I - Abandon Ship



Once training has been complete your trainer will fill out your enlistment form and you will be promoted to the rank of Storm Trooper Private and be sent on your way to explore the ship and interact with other members of the server. If you wish to receive a tour around the Star Destroyer and be shown where everything is and where you can and cannot go then speak with your trainer and ask for a tour and they will be happy to take you for one or alternatively they will find someone who can.



Now that you have completed your training and become one of the Empires finest, whats next?

Once you have completed training you can start your journey to find a regiment that interests you. When looking for a regiment it is important to think about what kind of things you would enjoy doing within roleplay and what you are good at, would you prefer a heavy roleplay regiment? A security regiment? or a combat regiment?. Once you have found a regiment that you would like to join you can do 1 of to things, either approach a member of that regiment and ask about the possibility of participating in regimental tryouts OR wait for tryouts to be hosted and attend them at the advertised location.


Once you attend tryouts you will be put through a serious of tests in order to determine whether or not you are a good fit for the regiment you are trying to join, tryouts will vary from regiment to regiment however the things that are typically uniform amongst all tryouts are as follows;

Faces - Here the conductor will test how well you understood and listened during your basic training when being taught your faces, the conductor will call out a series of faces for you to perform.

Formations - Here the conductor will test your knowledge of basic section formations in order to see if you will be able to conduct them on command from an officer.

Climb SWEP - Here the conductor will test your ability to scale obstacles and walls using the in-game climb SWEP ability, if you are unsure how to use this SWEP we recommend you ask a fellow member of the community for assistance OR view one of the many tutorials available online.

Shooting/Trigger Discipline - Here you will be tested on how well you can listen to orders which will be done by the instructor giving you a set of targets to hit and you are to shoot them in order of which they were given.

Interview - Here you will be asked a series of questions related to you, this is done so that the conductor can get a better understanding of yourself to determine whether you are someone they would want to have within their regiment.



Imperial Gaming has a dedicated team of members willing to help you in resolving any issues you may have regarding community issues, donation issues or issues regarding your game. The ways in which to contact these support members is by either joining one of the support lounges located on the Community Teamspeak server OR sending a support ticket through the forums support system which can be accessed by clicking the 'Support' button on the top of the screen or clicking on the following link and filling out the support ticket and sending it off.




Do you have a desire to help out where its needed or give back to the community? If so you could consider applying for a Trial Moderator or Event Master position within the server. The Moderator team work on ensuring that users uphold and follow the server rules in order to ensure that players are having an enjoyable time and players are role playing properly, The Event Master team focuses on creating roleplay scenarios and events within the server for players to interact with and spice up their time on the server.

When applying make sure you view the application requirements and rules to ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements to hold one of these positions.

Trial Moderator Applications - http://tiny.cc/igtmod

Event Master Applications - http://tiny.cc/igtem





27MAY19 - Image Fix & Colour Correction

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@Gregis @Rivers

I see where you are coming from but credit is only given when you base your idea off another or draw information or resources from another. This guide is something I have had written up (90%) completed for a while now and didn't know whether it was worth posting, sort of like a few others I have written up. This post also contains all my original thoughts, words and formatting which is why I didn't see need to give credit, however if it going to cause a big issue then I will include credit if need be.




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1 hour ago, Sully said:

@Gregis @Rivers

I see where you are coming from but credit is only given when you base your idea off another or draw information or resources from another. This guide is something I have had written up (90%) completed for a while now and didn't know whether it was worth posting, sort of like a few others I have written up. This post also contains all my original thoughts, words and formatting which is why I didn't see need to give credit, however if it going to cause a big issue then I will include credit if need be.




Don't give me credit, there have been guides made before mine and there will be some made after. As long as new players are getting the support they need that's all that matters to me.

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