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The order 66 event, Who's in?

Are you going to play Order 66?  

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So you've probably already seen Wolf's announcement of the closing of CWRP. F in chat, because clone wars is my favourite Star wars era (Although I didn't play the server much). I feel sorry for the IG team because this was probably their pride and joy and to see it dwindle into nothing is kinda sad. So I don't know about you, but I feel entitled to help with the order 66 event. Plus I love a good order 66 event, so who's in?

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Bon Terry will be there, flexing the Temuera Morrison accent


[EDIT] Can everyone have a turn being set to Anakin and slaughtering a temple full of younglings?

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1 minute ago, LimeStrider said:

I found you.... once the bodies in parts they wont tell whats a child and whats not

I have actually booked the temple for order 66 so you ain't allowed in buddy

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1 minute ago, Jonathan said:

is there gonna be that scene where Luigi gonna say i got the high ground anakin? would love to see it happen 

I wouldn't.. :(

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