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IMP | Guide For New Players


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Hey, so when I started on IG what seems like forever ago the one thing I would've loved is just a big old guide on how not to suck at it (Because I Did) This guide should hopefully assist the newer players of the community to have the best experience when playing on the server [Please leave edit notes in the comments, I will update the post with things you point out I miss/get wrong]


Before anything I recommend you read all these posts by other members of the community, this will help you gain a higher understanding of what IG is and how RolePlaying works on the server.




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So, it's your first time to join an IG server? well first but not least you're going to want to download the content pack [It now seems you must download the content pack to be trained]

Content Pack - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1740946857

Once you've downloaded the content a lovely SGT+ should be ready to train you, If nobody comes you may request a trainer through OOC <-- That means Out Of Character E.g. // Hey! Can I get a trainer?



During training, they'll go over some key aspects of the server you'll want to listen and absorb as much information because what you learn in that training room will relate to how much of a chance you'll have to join a regiment. In the training, they'll teach you these main aspects


Ranks - 

During training, you'll be shown the ranks. Each division of the empire goes under their respected ranking system. It is vital you know what ranks are higher than your own as you salute CL3+

In-Depth Ranking Sheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uXcAv4Mggkl0VJPHZUSa8_ZhA8jXhE3s71ccw9Ln_Jo/edit#gid=325297561


Binds - 

Binds are what roleplayers use to make the character perform actions - 

binds (key) "say (Message)" <- That is the standard bind format, You can essentially as the press of a button perform acts


Commonly used binds 

Salute - (bind key "act salute")

Strip Weapons - (bind key "say /me strips weapons and comms.")

If you ever need help creating a bind try asking an SGT+, these members should have the experience to know how binds work, if not just ask in OOC, There will always be someone willing to help


Formations - 

Single Column = Stand in a line behind the Commanding officer
Double Column = Two Columns behind the Commanding officer with enough space for him/her to walk past it - If odd number form tail at the end
Tight Wedge = Like a Single Column but you are touching shoulders with the commander
Loose/Wide Wedge = Like Tight wedge but with enough space for a Commander to walk through each person
Firing Line = Stand on the left or right of the Commanding officer with your weapon out
Firing Squad = Crouch in front of your Commander/other troopers with your weapon out
VIP Diamond  = Stand around the VIP in a Diamond shape facing outwards - Weapons out on safety
Prisoner Diamond = Face at the Prisoner with your weapons out and search the target - Press strip bind to render them unable to attack you
Box = Stand in a Box shape around the Commander and depending on server face where the Commander is facing (If he is facing a wall, face the same wall)


Terminology - 

For this I will refer you to Whiteys server rules, if you scroll down you'll find the most common Terminology used on the server, 


Joining A Regiment - 

Once your training is complete you'll become an ST Private [Congrats!] Now as some like to remain ST and climb the ranks most people like to join a regiment, A regiment is basically a group of troopers formed and include respected special equipment, These regiment are usual 10-12 troopers big and there are a couple of ways to try out for one


Wait for tryouts - Regiments will book hanger bays for tryouts, you'll see it either in comms/OOC them saying something along these lines [Insert Regiment] Is Looking For New Troops! Equipped With [Regiment Weapons/Equipment] Comes To [Tryout Location] <-- Head to the location the advertisement shows you if the regiment sounds like your style

Application - Some regiments [Navy/ISB/Widow] get you to fill out a google form, once these regiments have space they'll put the link in OOC and you simply fill it out and follow steps according to the document

Private Tryouts - Sometimes regiments don't advertise, If you're really keen to join try to get in contact with the commander, they'll inform you when the next tryout is or if the regiment is full


Regimental Tryouts - 

Well, you're at the tryouts you want, now how will you get accepted. Some regiments are harder to get into than others but knowing these basic games aspects will guarantee you a fighting chance against other people trying out.




Shooting Range

Interview - This will consist of you answering some OOC and IC questions, Make sure to brush up on your SW lore

Climb Swep


Climb Swep - 

 This is a simplistic guide to climbsweps mechanics, you basically must know this to join a regiment if you still are unsure their are several very good cllimbsweppers on the server that are always glad to help, Make sure if you don't know how to climbswep before the tryouts inform the person running it that you can't, more then likely once you get up to climbswep they'll assist you on learning and if you show willingness to improve they'll continue the tryout.






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5 minutes ago, Dexoys said:

Thisll be buried under the amount of posts made by the IG community so I suggest putting on as much tags as possible

Yeah i'll put some on, if you've got some suggestions I'll happily add them

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1 hour ago, Mongo said:

I never knew you can wall run with climbswep

the server uses a modified version of climbswep which disables some of its features. however if your in singleplayer you can use all the features described in the video.

thats just what ive found out.

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3 minutes ago, Solar said:

the server uses a modified version of climbswep which disables some of its features. however if your in singleplayer you can use all the features described in the video.

thats just what ive found out.

Yeah, That video is just a placeholder for until I post a video on how to climbswep

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50 minutes ago, Solar said:

i could actually make a guide o climswep if you want


27 minutes ago, Bailey said:

I’m currently working on an in-depth one.

Well if you guys make them i'd be glad to add them on to the post :D

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