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21 hours ago, Sully said:


If you had the chance to live in any world/time period from any show or movie which would you want to live in and why?



Game Of Thrones - Westeros/Seven Kingdoms

  • I would want to live in this world as it is a period that interests me quite a bit and would be interesting to live in to say the very least. There is always something to do, something to see, something to explore or someone to meet. There is also no pressure to study or work and you are free to roam the lands.


You would be one of the commoners in Season 8 episode 5

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7 hours ago, Ragdig said:

I would probably just go with the Game of Thrones world but I want to lead my own house and stuff. The only problem is that it sounds fun but after a year or 2 you would miss a lot of things. Also, I would be lucky to make it to 50

Dany would liberate you.

With dragonfire

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